2022 Trends for Home Metal Roofing Designs

2022 Trends for Home Metal Roofing Designs

Every year, residential construction experiences a shift in trends throughout the industry. In particular, roofing trends vary to stay updated with architectural designs. If you’re a homeowner interested in knowing about changes, check out these 2022 trends for home metal roofing designs.

Clean and Modern Roof Lines

Popular architectural roof trends are clean and modern roof lines. Instead of dormers, gables, hips, and different pitches, architects opt for simple designs that feature few roof lines. Designing clean roof lines minimizes the amount of material a roofer will need to complete the project. As a result, homeowners will save money while following this modern design trend.

Color Versatility

As homeowners become familiar with metal roofs, they will discover the color versatility the roof offers. In 2021, subtle roof colors were widely popular; however, in 2022, bold and exciting colors are emerging all over the country! In particular, green is a budding color that many homeowners seek. From warm olive to basil, people will see more of this roofing choice.

Accent Roof

Among the 2022 trends for home metal roofing designs, accent roofs are a cool selection that many people pursue. Homeowners can achieve an accent roof by adding metal to a porch roof or constructing a roof that covers a smaller section of their home. Metal accent roofs are great for enhancing the overall appearance of the home while giving homeowners the opportunity to select a unique roofing color.

Contrasting Colors

One trend from 2021 that carries into 2022 is contrasting roof colors. People contrast their home’s siding and roof color to add an element of vibrancy to the property. In the past, matching colors would offer a minimalist look. However, selecting contrasting colors makes the home more eye-catching and appealing. And given the several colors that homeowners can choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Stay trendy by installing a metal roof on your home. And if you’re looking for roofing companies in Wisconsin, you should contact American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin. With a variety of product styles and great service to offer, we can give you the roof of your dreams. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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