4 Tips for Installing Skylights in Your Metal Roof

4 Tips for Installing Skylights in Your Metal Roof

Skylights on a metal roof can provide many benefits, from increasing the amount of natural light to improving your home’s energy efficiency. However, it is important to ensure you install the skylights correctly and safely, as improper installation can cause costly damage to your roof or even put you at risk of injury. Here are four tips for installing skylights in your metal roof so you can confidently complete this project.

Choose the Right Skylight

First and foremost, you’ll want to choose the right skylight for a metal roof. Different types can have different fits and flanges depending on their size and shape. Skylights typically come in two varieties: fixed or venting. Fixed skylights are stationary windows that do not open or close; these are ideal if you want an unobstructed view from inside your home and want natural light entering your space. Venting skylights can open and shut with a lever or remote; these are great if you want to control ventilation levels within your home by opening them during hot summer days or closing them during cold winter months.

Prepare Your Roof

Next, you’ll need to prepare the roof properly before installation. Clean your metal roof thoroughly with a pressure washer or brush. This process will eliminate any debris or dirt from around the area where your skylight will be. It also reduces the chance of leaks down the line. After cleaning the roof, check if your roof has adequate support so that the skylight won’t put too much weight on one spot, leading to structural damage over time.

Install Flashing

Properly installing flashing against your skylight openings is essential. Flashing is an important part of any roofing installation, as it ensures water does not enter your home through gaps or crevices around the edges of windows and doors. When installing flashing for a metal roof, you should first measure the size and shape of each opening so that you can cut their respective pieces accurately. After making precise cuts, install the flashing directly over each opening before sealing them with special adhesive caulk or sealant along all four sides.

Hire a Professional

Our final tip is to hire a professional installer rather than attempting the project yourself. Professional installers have the skills to do the job and know the proper safety measures to take. They also know exactly how much weight each part of your metal roof can handle, allowing them to distribute specially-made anchors throughout the surface for maximum support. Hiring a professional also ensures proper fitment and sealant application around window frames and all four sides of each piece of flashing.

Now that you know four tips for installing metal roof skylights, you can put these ideas to good use. If you’re looking for roofers in Green Bay, WI, contact American Metal Roofs to take care of your project.