A Month of Thankfulness: A Roof Rebate for Veterans

A Month of Thankfulness: Roof Rebate for Veterans

During the month of November,  we honor and appreciate the many sacrifices of the active and veteran members of the U.S. and Canadian Armed Forces, with a special roof rebate.

Your dedication and willingness to put yours and your family’s agenda’s aside and rise to the call to protect ideals and individuals. We humbly thank you for your many sacrifices and hope you receive the thanks and honor you deserve. Our lives and the freedom to make our own choices would not be possible without your years of commitment. Thank you.

As you have protected our freedom, we want to help you protect your family and home from the harsh elements, heavy snows, and frigid temperatures we enjoy in Wisconsin. During the month of November, we are offering $500 factory rebate for all new contracts signed in the month of November. This rebate is a very small token of appreciation for all you have done for all of us.

The Merchant Marines recruited 250,000 young men and trained under military tactics to defend the merchant ships crossing the oceans during World War II. They were told their efforts would benefit the greater war effort. The Merchant Marines served to protect the ships as they crossed the oceans during World World II. These brave veterans worked tirelessly alongside other armed service members and suffered many casualties in the line of duty. Yet at the end of the war, they were not offered the GI Bill (which assists veterans in buying a house and attaining a college education until 43 years after the end of the war. This delay in benefits highly impacted the long-term success of these brave veterans.

In addition to the rebate, Classic Metal Roofing Systems will make a donation to the American Merchant Marines Veterans for every new roof purchased during the month of November. The American Merchant Marines Veterans now serve approximately 2,200 living Merchant Marine Veterans from World War II.

Thank you, Wisconsin Veterans for protecting our freedom, while we protect your home.

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