American Metal Roofs Asks: Do Cold and Green Go Together?

American Metal Roof Asks: Do Cold and Green Go Together?

Why yes! Cold and Green do go together here in the north as we prepare our homes and other structures for dropping temperatures with energy efficiency in mind.

Here are a few suggestions for making that match:

Top off your attic insulation. It tends to settle over the years and, as it settles, its insulation value declines.

Check your attic ventilation. Proper ventilation requires intake and exhaust vents and will make your home more energy efficient. It will also help avoid winter ice dams in northern climates and protect against damaging condensation. Make sure that, when you add that extra insulation, you do not block your intake vents.

Check all exhaust vents. Vents for your bathroom and kitchen fans as well as your clothes dryer all need to vent outside, never just into the attic or crawlspace. Additionally, these vents can become blocked with dust and lint over the years and require periodic cleaning or replacement.

Check the caulking around your windows and doors. Put in new caulking where it is non-existent or cracked.

Replace leaky windows and doors, or add weather-stripping.

Turn off lights. It’s easy to flip a light switch yet we’re all guilty of leaving on lights in empty rooms.

Unplug charging cords. Chargers for things like cell phones, tablets, handheld games, and laptop computers will often use power even when the device is not connected to them.

Buy energy efficient appliances. If any of your appliances or things like hot water heaters need replaced, be sure to make energy efficiency one of your purchasing criteria. Sometimes we can get too rushed to make these decisions to check the energy rating.

Add a programmable thermostat. And, while you’re at it, consider changing your setting temperatures a degree or two for added savings.

Make the switch to re-useable bags for your grocery shopping. What the heck…use re-usable bags at the big box or department store…or skip the bag altogether!

And, of course – our favorite suggestion: Buy an energy efficient, sustainable, and recycled content metal roof when your home needs a new roof. Visit our website if you’re considering a roof this winter, and always feel free to  call us at 920-434-4200.


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