Best Metal Roofing Material for Windy Areas

Best Metal Roofing Material for Windy Areas

The roofing market is huge; there are so many options. However, depending on the region you live in, you need specific roofing materials. For example, if you live in regions with high winds, metal roofing is the top choice. Check out our list of the best metal roofing material for windy areas.


Aluminum metal roofs are a highly recommended roofing choice because they’re resistant to many weather conditions, including wind. When the outer layer of aluminum roofing reacts with oxygen, it creates a layer of aluminum oxide. As a result, it seals the metal from corrosion and promotes long-term protection. In addition, aluminum roofing is lightweight compared to other roofing materials.


People all around the world have used copper as a roofing material for centuries. Copper is long-lasting and 100 percent recyclable, which makes it a sustainable roofing option. It’s a soft metal, so it’s one of the quietest types of roofing—but it’s also prone to damage. Luckily, cooper can withstand heavy wind and severe weather conditions.


Steel is an alloy of iron and another material. Steel roofing is one of the most common materials found in commercial construction and residential buildings. Therefore, it’s sturdy and made to last for a long time. Like copper, steel is highly recyclable and accessible. However, it’s is more expensive than other options because of the combination of metals. Fortunately, this combination makes steel roofs durable and able to endure heavy winds. It’s also the best roofing option for areas with high snow volume and hail.


Zinc is a great metal because its natural properties allow roofers to easily manipulate and bend the material. As a result, roofers can construct the perfect-sized roof for your home. One of the most interesting things about zinc is the oxidation process, known as patina. Patina is a protective layer formed on the roof’s surface that protects from weather damage and rust. Zinc is long-lasting and one of the more aesthetically pleasing roofing options.

Depending on the region you live in, you need the best roofing options. If you live in a windy area, we recommend a metal roof. We hope our list of the best metal roofing material for windy areas was helpful. If you’re looking for residential metal roofing in Wisconsin, consult American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin. We specialize in roofing materials and installations. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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