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Roof Damage


Your Roof:Storm Damage from wind, rain, and soon snow. Are you ready?

How Can You Prepare for Roof Storm Damage?  Fall is full of wind and rain here in Northern Wisconsin. Weather systems can converge on us quickly and leave roof damage in their trail.  Protecting your roof means protecting your home and all it contains. What can you do to prepare? What to do before the … Read more


Snow: Protecting Your Roof and Home

When winter arrives in Northern Wisconsin and the UP, as temperatures drop, take care of your roof. It takes a  beating from nasty weather, and snowfall can put a lot of weight on it. The amount of rain, snow, and sleet we get in the winter can be tough on your roof and gutters. Ventilating … Read more

Tips To Prepare for Your Home Roof Replacement

Tips To Prepare for Your Home Roof Replacement

A roof replacement can bring many changes to your home, whether they’re temporary or permanent. Along with these changes come many adjustments. For this reason, it’s important to prepare yourself and your family for the moment roofers arrive on your driveway. Follow this guide for some tips to prepare for your home roof replacement. Clean … Read more

Roof Ventilation American Metal Roofs of Northern WI

Here in the North Country Roof Ventilation is a Big Deal

When you re-roof your home, it is the perfect time to make sure that your home’s attic ventilation is functioning properly. That’s why we start every roof inspection with an attic inspection. 3 Reasons Why Good Ventilation is a Big Deal Prevents mold and rot. Recent years have brought building science technologies that are making … Read more

High Winds American Metal Roofs of WI

Preparing for Winter: High Winds

No, we don’t have many…if any…palm trees. But, here in Northern Wisconsin, homeowners are concerned these days about high winds. Preparing for High Winds Over the past year, the construction industry has taken a serious look at roof performance following the major hurricanes that devastated Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean during the 2017 season. As … Read more

water damage American Metal Roofs of WI

Water Damage: Protect Your Home from Rain and Flooding

When it comes to protecting your home from water damage, there are two primary concerns – rain intrusion and flooding. Here in Northern Wisconsin we certainly get the rain, and our natural, wonderful lakes and waterways can sometimes flood. The Right Roof Eliminates Water Damage   Keeping water out during rain depends heavily on a … Read more

wind resistant roofing from AMR of WI

Our Interlocking Metal Roofing Panels Create Wind Resistant Roofing

Strong winds are prevalent everywhere, but here in northern Wisconsin, winds combine with rain and snow to cause our very own brand of storms. So, how do you protect your home from the damages that high winds cause?  Wind resistant roofing in the form of our interlocking metal roofing panels, when chosen and installed correctly, can withstand … Read more

interlocking metal roofing panels AMR of WI

Interlocking Metal Roofing Panels Protect Your Home From Water Damage

When protecting your home from water damage, there are two primary concerns: rain and flooding. Both can come unexpectedly, or work themselves into our north woods over the course of a few days. It’s important to protect your home from water damage, top to bottom. Here’s some information on managing rain intrusions with interlocking metal roofing … Read more

wind resistance American Metal Roofs of WI

Wind Resistance

Here in The North Woods, wind resistance is important for your roof. Your roof provides ultimate protection for your home and your belongings. If anything jeopardizes the protection given by your home’s roof, the protection of everything in your home is jeopardized. Most roofing materials depend on gravity and their own weight for wind resistance, … Read more