Comfort and Value in the Home You Already Have

Comfort and Value in the Home You Already Have

With new construction and newer houses out of reach or not available, many northern Wisconsin homeowners are deciding to stay longer in the home they already have. For others, it means maximizing and protecting their investment for the future. Unless you need to relocate, are you interested in making the most of your home now?

Comfort and Value in an Older Home

  • We know kitchen and bathroom updates impact the value of your home. Don’t wait to renovate for someone else’s enjoyment.
  • A sense of cohesiveness and order can go a long way to make your home a calm and relaxing refuge, inside and out.
  • Knowing your home is protected from the ravages of winter in our area gives you peace of mind. 
  • And then, there’s sustainability. Even a house that’s 150 years old can be updated with environmentally friendly products and systems.
  • Curb appeal is essential when it’s time to sell, but there’s pride in having a well-tended lawn, garden, and exterior. How inviting is your home from the view at the end of the drive or across the street?

Several of these “home improvements” to an older home can be taken care of with the right roof. Only our  metal roofs will:

  1. bring beauty and value to the exterior of your home
  2. protect your home by managing snow loads and ice dams
  3. are mostly made of 95% recycled materials and are completely recyclable

When it comes to bringing beauty and value to your home’s exterior, protecting it from the ravages of a Wisconsin winter, and making a sustainable decision, only one roof will do: an American Metal Roof of WI.

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