Does a Metal Roof Need to Be Vented?

Does a Metal Roof Need to Be Vented?

Remodeling your home can be a long and stressful process. One thing you should consider during this is your roof and whether it has proper ventilation. You may not even be sure that your roof has ventilation at all. If you have a metal roof or are considering getting one, you may ask yourself, “Does a metal roof need to be vented?” Keep reading to find out!


If your roof warms up on a hot day, your attic will as well. As the temperature in your attic rises, so does the temperature in your living area. As a result, your cooling system needs to work harder, which eventually increases your energy consumption. Because metal reflects sunlight better than other materials, metal roofs provide the advantage of preventing the sun’s rays from affecting temperatures in the building as much as other roofs. Metal roofs still get hot in hot weather, though. A well-designed roof ventilation system will not only transport heat out of your attic but will also improve your energy efficiency.


Bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and laundry rooms generate lots of moisture, especially at home. All that moisture doesn’t dissipate in the air. It tends to float to the top of the house instead. The moisture in the attic will find equilibrium once it hits cool surfaces. With this gathered moisture, mildew and mold can form, and structural damage may also occur. An attic with ventilation will keep your insulation dry, which is important because moisture is the enemy of insulation efficacy. This is the most important thing to consider when asking whether a metal roof needs to be vented.

Ice Dams

Roof damage from ice dams is another worry if you reside in a location that frequently experiences winter weather. When warm air from the inside gets to the roof deck, it causes the previously frozen precipitation to melt, forming an ice dam. When the liquid reaches the roof’s peak, it descends into the overhangs and refreezes, causing potentially severe ice dams to develop. Ensuring the roof has proper ventilation helps prevent ice dams from forming at all.

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