How to get a new roof for your Northern Wisconsin or UP Home

The Challenge: How to Get a New Roof in 2021

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new roof, you may be experiencing problems affecting the construction and home improvement industry right now.

Roofing products, materials, and even labor can be hard to find. Over the past year, factories have faced temporary shutdowns, installers have moved to other professions, and demand has increased.

During this time, many homeowners have taken advantage of being home more often to remodel.

Increased demand creates the perfect storm of too little labor, a shortage of materials, and not enough time to fit everyone into a desirable schedule.

Though some home improvement projects can wait, replacing your roof is too important to put off. The integrity of your roof is critical to protecting your home and all that it contains.

We’re here and ready to help you get the right new roof.

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  • Our direct connection to the manufacturer of your new roof is exclusive and well supported. We’ll always have up to the minute information on any issue related to your new roof’s manufacturing and delivery, even for custom finishes.
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  • American-made roofing with local American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin service  

What’s ahead?

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