How to Safely Walk on a Metal Roof

How to Safely Walk on a Metal Roof

It’s common knowledge that maintaining your metal roof is one of the keys to its longevity and durability. However, walking on these surfaces can be incredibly dangerous, and there’s always a possibility of injury as you go about this seemingly simple task. Fortunately, you can mitigate the hazards with the right level of preparedness and caution. So, if you want to take your home maintenance into your own hands, learning how to safely walk on a metal roof is the best first step.

Understand the Slope of Your Roof

Firstly, you must have an idea of your roof’s slope angle. Every roof has a designated angle that corresponds to the framework of the rest of the home. Some are flat and easy to navigate, while others can be so steep that walking on them is impossible without specialized equipment. As such, knowing what type of roof you have can go a long way in determining your ability to walk on it yourself.

Wait for a Clear Day

When trying to safely walk on a metal roof, you should also make sure to wait for the right type of day for it. Metal surfaces can get slick when exposed to high humidity or precipitation. This makes it much easier for you to slip and fall while walking on them. Waiting for a sunny and warm day allows your roof to dry off beforehand, which increases the amount of traction you’ll have when you climb up.

Wear Soft-Soled Shoes

Another tip to keep in mind is to wear shoes that let you maximize the amount of traction you have on the roof. Softer soles are more flexible, increasing the contact they have with the metal in a given step. Wearing them reduces your risk of slipping and makes walking on metal surfaces much safer overall.

Walk on the Roof’s Rafters

Once you’re on the roof, you need to walk in the correct areas as well. Some parts of your roof are more secure than others. For instance, your roof’s rafters comprise the framework that supports the rest of the structure. Therefore, it’s much more stable to walk on them rather than the seams where the individual metal plates meet.

If you still find yourself hesitant to go on your metal roof yourself, American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin is here to help. Our residential metal roofing team in Wisconsin has years of collective experience working on everything from flat to heavily sloped roofs. So, we’re familiar with the correct safety practices to work on these surfaces safely. Let us do the dangerous and strenuous jobs so that you don’t have to.

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