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What warranty is offered on American Metal Roofs?

American Metal Roofs made of aluminum are backed by an industry-leading three-part warranty from the manufacturer including:

  • Lifetime Warranty protection for the original purchasers of an American Metal Roof, so long as they live in that home.
  • 40-Year Transferable protection for those owners and all future owners including coverage on the finish and hail protection.
  • 30-Year Fade protection that says, after 30 years, the finish and color on American Metal Roofs will be within a very small, verifiable change from the color it was the day it was installed.

In addition to the Manufacturer’s warranty American Metal Roofs Warrants to the original homeowner:

  • AMR Workmanship Guarantee – For as long as any person who held title to a property at the time the product was applied to the property is living and retains ownership of the property, the aluminum roof panels and accessories are warranted 100% to be free from workmanship defects that might result in leaking.
  • Energy guarantee – American Metal Roofs Aluminum Roofs that are installed with Hi Flow ridge and soffit systems will reduce your air conditioning costs by a minimum of 30% and your heating costs by 10% or we pay the difference for 2 years.
  • Value warranty – American Metal Roofs Aluminum Roof Systems is so confident in the value of our roofs that we make the following guarantee. For the next 30 days shop all the metal roofs in the industry. If you can find a metal roof system with all the same featured benefits and qualities installed by certified craftsman for less money, we will install your American Metal Roof and refund the difference plus $500.00

Please contact American Metal Roofs for a copy of these unmatched warranties.