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Is Your Roof Complaining?

As you endure the winter months, here are a few things that your roof may be trying to tell you:

…I’m too hot.

Not Enough Insulation. If you notice that the snow or frost on your roof melts faster than the snow or frost on other roofs in your neighborhood (facing the same direction), your roof is telling you that you need more insulation on the floor of your attic. Heat from inside your home is reaching the underside of your roof deck and causing the melting to occur. Additional insulation will help keep that heat where you want it to be – inside of your living space, reducing your energy costs and making your home more comfortable.

“...I can’t breathe.

Insufficient ventilation. If you peek into your attic on a cold day and see frost on the nails that stick through the underside of your roof deck, that is an indication that you have large amounts of moisture in your attic. This is moisture that originates inside of your home and migrates up into the attic. Check to make sure that things like laundry and plumbing vents, as well as exhaust fans, are vented to the outside rather than just into your attic. Next, look for ways to increase the ventilation in your attic, striving for an equal balance of intake vents at the bottom of the roof and exhaust vents at the peak of the roof.

…I’m tired.

Worn-Out Roof. If you notice your roof shingles cracking in the cold temperatures or lifting up in strong winds, this indicates that your time for a new roof is drawing nigh. Additionally, look for granules from your shingles that are wearing off, ending up in your gutters or your yard.

“ stomach hurts.

Gutter Problems. If your home’s gutters are starting to sag, it is often a sign of rot and aging around the perimeter of your roof and fascia. High moisture levels in the winter can really bring this dangerous situation to light, indicating that further inspection of the roof and gutters should be performed as soon as practical.

“...I’ve got this drippy thing going on…

Ice Dams. Ice dams are an indication of inadequate attic ventilation and/or insulation. They can also result from problematic roof geometry. Read this short article on ice dams if they have been a problem for your home and you’re seeking a solution.

Uh oh…

Sliding Snow. If the snow tends to slide too quickly from your roof, blocking doorways or damaging shrubbery, you may wish to consider snow guards for your roof. Snow guards are small aluminum castings installed on the roof for the purpose of holding the snow and encouraging it to slide gradually and in chunks rather than in one fell swoop. Contact us for information on our snow guards if you think these may help your situation.

Researching A New Roof?

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