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Aluminum Roofs: Metal Shingles With Style, Performance, and a Lifetime of Value

Beauty, durability, maintenance-free, and warranted for a lifetime, aluminum shingles from Classic Metal Roofing Systems are available in northern Wisconsin and the UP exclusively from American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin. With dozens of color options across various styles or profiles, these metal shingles protect your home like no other.

Beautiful Snow Country Metal Roofing

Beautiful Snow Country Metal RoofingOur exclusive Snow Country Metal Roofs area available in Oxford and Rustic Shingle styles and colors. A special roof for managing snow and ice, as well as every other season. Learn more >


Oxford Shingle

product-oxford-shingle Oxford Shingle’s low profile emulates the classic, simple look of architectural shingle, and low profile shingles of the early 1900’s but with long-lasting beauty and efficiency that no other material can match. MORE INFO…


Rustic Shingle

product-rustic-shingleRustic Shingle is an investment-grade metal roofing system that provides beauty, protection and increased value for your home. With Rustic Shingle, you will not need routine maintenance or replacement. MORE INFO…


Country Manor Shake

products-country-manorCountry Manor Shake offers your home the charming beauty of real wood shakes without the problems traditionally associated with them. MORE INFO…




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