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Oxford Shingle

Oxford - WI-webOxford Metal Shingles’ low profile emulates the classic, simple look of architectural shingle, and low profile shingles of the early 1900’s but with long-lasting beauty and efficiency that no other material can match.

Produced from heavy .024″ thick aluminum, these fully interlocking 12″ X 60″ panels install quickly and form a dependable weather barrier. They are completely rust-resistant, providing clear superiority over similar steel roofing systems.

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The baked-on Kynar/Hylar finish is available in several colors and provides low-gloss beauty and durability as well as fading and chalking resistance that leads the industry. Oxford Metal Shingle is designed with precise engineering to bring the proven worry-free benefits to today’s homeowners.

Oxford Metal Shingle roofs are coated with HI-R heat reflective paint, which helps to create a cooler, more energy-efficient home due to the special reflective pigments embedded in the finish. The complex chemical structure of these pigments reflects away the infrared portion of the sun’s rays most responsible for heat buildup. So, while maintaining color consistency and fade protection, HI-R Heat Barrier Technology provides all the advantages of greater reflectance, without sacrificing color choices.

Oxford Metal Shingle is available as a Snow Country Roof.

View our Oxford Metal Shingle Metal Roofs in Green Bay, Fox Valley, Wausau, Sheboygan, Marinette, Across NE Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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