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Guarantees | American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin

American Metal Roof Systems are warranted by the manufacturer as follows when installed on residential homes.

  • Lifetime material and labor warranties against manufacturer defects to original home owner and 40 year transferable Manufactures warranty.
  • Lifetime warranty against leaking from hail
  • Lifetime warranty against blow off up to 120 MPH.
  • 30-year no fade or color change in excess of five (5) Hunter E units
  • 30-year no chalk up to rating 8 of test ASTM D-659-80

This guarantee is 100% up to the full purchase price.

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Our $500+ Value Guarantee

At American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin we are so confident in the value we provide with our aluminum roofing systems that we make the following guarantee:

We invite you to shop all the metal roofs in the industry for the next 30 days. If you find a metal roof system that offers all the same qualities and benefits* and is installed by certified craftsmen for a lower price, we will install your American Metal Roof and refund the difference in cost, PLUS $500.

*All quotes must be written with all features listed.

Our Lifetime Limited Workmanship Warranty

Your American Metal Roof is Warranted 100% free from workmanship defects.

For as long as any person who held title to a property at the time the product was applied to the property is living and retains ownership of the property, the aluminum roof panels and accessories are warranted 100% to be free from workmanship defects that might result in leaking.

*See actual warranty, only applies to residential.

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Not All Warranties are Straightforward

A great deal of selling in some sectors of the roofing industry is based upon performance implied by a long-life warranty. Warranties often include levels of failure seen as acceptable over a period of time. If the Homeowner does not understand this, the result is often the manufacturer denying a claim for problems. It should be noted that manufacturers publish warranties that cover materials. You should expect to receive a separate warranty from the company for their workmanship. American Metal Roof will install your roof and provide you with a matching installation warranty.

With An American Metal Roof you will receive two separate warranties.

  1. Material Warranty from the manufacturers.
  2. AMR Workmanship Warranty for as long as you own your home. Limited to 20 years on commercial buildings.

Please click on an image below to see the manufacturer's warranty:

Standing Seam

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Flat Roofs

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Rustic Shingle

At American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin, we guarantee the highest level of customer service and skilled installation of only the top quality metal roofing products. Our roofs are custom installed, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, weather-resistant, and more durable than any other roof product out there.

Metal roofs are virtually indestructible compared to traditional shingles, which require constant maintenance and must be replaced every few years. Our steel roofing is coated with aluminum-zinc alloy, which can extend the roof's lifespan to as long as 100 years. State-of-the-art Thermobond technology creates a lifetime seal by chemically bonding the three-dimensional granules of Kynar powder to each shingle.

By investing in a secure and long-lasting roof, you are saving your home from the risk of mold, pests, fire, and destruction caused by natural disasters. You are also saving yourself as much as 25% of your annual home energy bill. Even the most expensive types of metal roofs of Northern Wisconsin cost 30% less than the cheapest tile roof and will add up to 65.7% of the cost to your home's value.

It isn't just about the money or the maintenance; it is about providing a secure and comfortable home, the best quality residence for your family to share. We are dedicated to the safety of all the individuals and families we service and aim to add beauty and reliability to your living space.

At American Metal Roofs, we provide the highest quality service and the best metal roofing Northern Wisconsin has to offer. We also host free D.I.Y. seminars every month for those who love to get their hands a little dirty.

Our dedication at American Metal Roofs goes beyond helping the people we meet and providing them with the metal roofing Northern Wisconsin homeowners want most. Since the founding of our company in 2007, we have participated in several projects designed to serve communities all across the state of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


  • Kiwanis group of Escanaba MI.
  • Allies of Autism,
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Toys for Tots
  • March of Dimes
  • The Heritage Hill Foundation
  • Howard and Suamico Giving Tree
  • Wisconsin Waterfowl Association
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