Proper Roof Installation for a Worry-Free Future

Proper Roof Installation for a Worry-Free Future

Proper roof installation is of critical importance. Why?

Installation is an Overriding Factor in Roof Performance

When it comes to the successful performance of a roofing system, proper installation is more important than anything else. But, when it comes to buying a metal roof, proper installation can be the hardest thing to find. Horror stories about improperly-installed metal roofs and disappointed customers abound on the Metal Roofing Alliance Ask The Experts site where our own Todd Miller regularly answers questions and helps people with concerns. 

You may wonder why, if metal roofing is such a great thing, are there so many problems out there. We attribute it to the fact that metal roofing has been a very fast-growing industry.  With significant growth over the past 15 years, metal now has a 13% share of the North American residential roofing market. It is now the second most-used roofing material on homes, having surpassed tile. This has caused many contractors, suppliers, installers, and even manufacturers to jump into a “metal roofing game” without a clue what they’re doing.  This practice upsets us greatly and is precisely why we spend so much time helping guide homeowners to wise roofing decisions

Seeking a Worry-Free Roofing Future?

In 2020, Classic Metal Roofing Systems celebrates 40 years as a specialist in producing beautiful and durable residential metal roofing systems. American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin is proud to be your local connection to this premier manufacturer. Together we are driven by the principles of good design, solid engineering, and exemplary customer service we have always seen metal roofing as a complex and necessary thing, not the “fad of the year.” 

  • Our professional installation crews are company employees, not contracted labor.
  • Our installation crews are continuously trained and carry the depth of experience, problem-solving, and a great reputation to top of your roof.  
  • To ensure our customers experience the worry-free roofing futures they are seeking, we offer an installation warranty to pair with Classic’s industry-leading product warranty.  

We are a committed, professional roofing contractor, right here in northern Wisconsin to help you in any way possible. Please contact us whenever we can be of service.

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