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Raise the Roof! 3 Reasons to Cheer for Metal Roofing

Any roofing contractor will tell you that a new roof, in general, is a large investment into the value of your home. Roofing companies also know that properly sealing the roof of your house from the elements can cut long-term energy costs. 

On top of the list of energy efficient roof solutions is metal roofing. Not only will a metal roof installation outlast traditional asphalt shingles three to seven times longer, but you’ll find you’re saving as much as 25% on your yearly energy bill. Let’s look at three (of many) cheers we’ll shout together as you roof your way to savings.

Environmentally Friendly!
Metal roofing is made up of somewhere between 30% to 60% recycled metal. Once they’re done after their long life of durability, the metal is 100% recyclable. Where asphalt shingles fill landfills with tons and tons of waste, metal roofing gives back to itself and the environment through consistent recyclability.

Efficient For Your Home!
Traditional asphalt roofing is a heat sponge. During the summer, when the sun is beating on your roof, asphalt shingles become hot and have very little reflectivity. This makes the absorbed heat transfer to the interior of your house, making your air conditioner work overtime and your energy bill higher than it should be. 

Metal roofing will reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. During the summer, heat is reflected off the roof and cool air is kept reflected within the interior. The same can be said of metal roofs in the winter; heat will remain inside. Of course, there’s the government who may thank you for your environmentally conscious metal roof with an Energy Tax Credit. 

It Looks Amazing!
All this functionality, economic benefit, and environmental responsibility nearly made us forget an important part of hiring a roofing contractoryou want your house to look awesome! Metal roofs last a very long time, practically need no maintenance other than the occasional spray down and are available in a massive amount of styles and colors. These aren’t just plain sheets of metal. They’re smart and functional fashion for your home that’ll you’ll be proud of for years to come. 

Whatever level of need or desire you have for new roofing, metal roofs are the way of the future. They’ll have your pocketbook dancing, the environment happy, and when you step back and look at your house you might just cheer yourself!

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