The Right Roof Can Help You Reduce Energy Consumption

The Right Roof Can Help You Permanently Reduce Energy Consumption

We focus on helping consumers reduce their energy consumption through attics that function properly, venting heat and moisture out of the home, and through roofs that are reflective and act as thermal breaks to stop the sun’s heat from transferring into the home. With an attic analysis, we can assess your current situation, and suggest the right roof. Our beautiful metal roofs save energy in several ways.

3 Ways to Save Energy with a Classic Metal Roof

1. Aluminum roofing quickly dissipates any gained heat back to the atmosphere as soon as the sun goes behind a cloud or even when a gentle breeze blows. Think of the aluminum pan you take out of your oven. Have you noticed how quickly it cools down compared to glass or steel? We noticed that, too. While other roofing materials absorb and hold heat and even radiate it into the home long after the sun has gone down at night, an aluminum roof cools quickly, returning to the outside ambient temperature. This helps keep your attic cooler.

2. We use hI-R heat-reflective coatings with special pigments that reflect radiant heat, even in dark colors. In southern climates, they have known for years that white roofs save energy through reflectivity. The pigments we use were originally developed for aeronautic and military applications. Incorporated into our industry-leading PVDF finishes, these pigments allow us to meet US Energy Star standards for cool roofing. They actually reflect rather than absorb the heat that strikes them! Thanks to these pigments, you can have a heat-reflective roof even in dark colors!

3. The formed thickness of metal shingles creates an integral airspace between the metal and your home’s roof structure. This thermal break acts much like the small dead air space between glass panes in a thermal pane window. It stops conductive heat transfer, again helping to keep your attic cooler. Our energy tests show our aluminum shingle products keep attics cooler than standing seam roofing which rests on the roof deck and transfers gained heat right into your attic. The inherent thermal break to our products stops that heat!

If you’re thinking about doing something about your energy costs, call us at 1-877-569-4700. Permanently reducing your home’s energy use is a great first step. Read here for further details on this benefit of the world’s most beautiful roofs.

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