Roof Overlay vs. Tear-Off: Which Should You Choose?

Roof Overlay vs. Tear-Off: Which Should You Choose?

Do you want to upgrade your home with a better roof? If so, roof overlays and tear-offs are two options to consider. Picking between these selections is challenging. Luckily, here’s a quick guide to help you decide which you should choose.

Difference Between Roof Overlay and Tear-Off

A roof overlay involves putting another set of roofing materials on top of the existing roof. And a tear-off is when specialists remove the existing roof material and install a new one. Both options improve a home’s aesthetic and increase protection against environmental elements. However, they come with pros and cons that homeowners should evaluate.

Pros and Cons: Roof Overlay

Roof overlays are fast and less labor intensive since professionals don’t have to remove the old material. They’re less expensive and safer to install because specialists and homeowners don’t have to worry about materials falling off the roof. However, homeowners must think about the additional weight of this roofing option. Extra material can put stress on the roof decking and the home’s structure. Additionally, specialists can miss possible structural problems because overlays don’t require a detailed examination of the roof’s condition.

Pros and Cons: Tear-Off

Roof tear-offs allow homeowners to select new roofing materials and resolve old problems (damage, leaks, deterioration, etc.). The new material adds more durability and increases the roof’s lifespan. Furthermore, this roofing method increases a home’s property value! The major con of tear-offs is that they’re more expensive than an overlay, and the old roofing material can clutter lawns (before professionals dispose of the old roof).

Which Should You Choose?

After seeing the difference between a roof overlay and tear-off, you still need to figure out which one to choose. If you’re looking for a quick and budget-friendly upgrade, overlays are the best method. But if you’re interested in a new start and the chance to use high-quality roofing material, a tear-off is the way to go. Before making a final decision, you should get an experienced professional to assess your roof and ensure you’re picking the safest choice.

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