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Roofing Made Simple for Your Wisconsin Home

Like most significant purchases, when it’s time for a new roof, most consumers choose a product for functionality,  aesthetics, and value. Homeowners usually choose the product first and then find the best contractor for installing and servicing your roof.

Why Choose Us First?

At American Metal Roofs of  Wisconsin, we help you check all the right boxes for choosing, installing, and having peace of mind about a new roof. We make it simple and easy.

We help you choose a roofing product that:

  • Fits the style of your home
  • Deals with ice dams
  • Performs well over time
  • Protects your home from the ever-changing northern climate 
  • Helps you manage energy costs
  • Provides the best manufacturer warranty
  • Offers the best value

As a professional roofing contractor, we work for you:

  • Providing free consultations and estimates without pressure or obligation
  • Giving ample examples of our quality of work through testimonials, drive-by, and references
  • Developing project-specific, detailed contracts
  • Professionally managing our trained installation teams and business
  • Keeping you informed of the status and progress of your roofing project
  • Respecting your property and privacy at all times
  • Offering outstanding workmanship warranties


Storm Damage and Roofing Made Simple

We roof year-round and have the staff, products, and equipment to protect your home, no matter the season. We’re local to the North Woods, with established roots and investment in our communities.

Keep our information nearby. We’re watching the weather and can professionally help you with a roofing emergency. No emergency? Let us help you choose and enjoy a new roof that suits your style and situation.

We’ll help you check off the right boxes and find your best roofing solution…when you need it.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team can always answer your roofing questions. Just drop us an email, and we’ll be in touch.

Visit our showroom and learn about our DIY schedule!


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