A Special Message of Giving, Gratitude, and Peace

A Special Message of Giving, Gratitude, and Peace

Winter has come to the north to help usher in the holiday season, and we want to share a special message that’s not about roofing, but about people. At American Metal Roofs of northern Wisconsin, we’ve been about the business of building up community, both within our organization and outside of it.

Here’s how we celebrate this season of giving, gratitude, and peace, and continue the celebration throughout the year:

We invest in and value our wonderful staff members, and consider them family…no matter their last name.

Each December, we gather all of our employees and their family members together for a celebration of Christmas. Throughout the year, we enjoy extra activities outside of our work together.

We invest in and value the people of the cities, towns, and communities we work in and with.

Attending local Christmas parades, having meals with our families and attending our local churches, we and our employees spread out into the community during this joyous season.

With each turn of the calendar page, we renew our commitment to sponsor the Make a Wish Foundation, Families of Children with Cancer, and the off-road race team, Allies of Autism, and other local, athletic teams.

In 2016, we were pleased to join with my brother’s company in Flint, MI to purchase a half-truckload of food to be distributed to the many folks in need near there.

Sharing Another Special Message

Todd Miller, President of Classic Metal Roofing Systems has written a wonderful, hopeful message for Christmas. A very personal story, with a special outreach to the world, we invite you to enjoy that message here. This message resonates with us, as well. 

Above all, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Because you receive this e-newsletter, you’re a part of our family. We care about you and value being a part of your life.

May you find these holidays to be full of good times and cheer with family and friends. May this season also be a time of restoration and preparation so that we might all have a positive impact on the world in 2018. If each of us can commit to making the world a little brighter, a little more loving, and a little more peace-filled through our actions, we really can bring change and comfort to a troubled world.

Merry Christmas, and the Happiest New Year,

Ray Farmer, President American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin

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