The Weight of Metal Roofing Per Square Foot

The Weight of Metal Roofing Per Square Foot

We frequently consider weight when we think about metal roofing. After all, certain metals can be heavy, which makes homeowners wonder how they could potentially affect their homes and weighs into their decision-making when researching what roofing materials are right for withstanding Northern Wisconsin’s winter weather. Fortunately, this characteristic isn’t as concerning as most people tend to think. In fact, it even presents you with additional advantages. This is the weight of metal roofing per square foot compared to asphalt shingles.

The Misconception About Metal Weight

Before we can discuss how much metal roofing actually weighs, it’s important to acknowledge a common myth about the subject. One of the most cited disadvantages of metal roofing is that it often weighs much more than standard asphalt shingles. This implies that a home could suffer damage as a result of the extra pounds or that bracketing will need to be installed to accommodate it. However, this simply isn’t true. In fact, metal roofing materials can be as much as 50 percent lighter than other roofs, depending on the type of metal roof you’ve chosen for your home.

The Real Weight of Metal Roofing Materials

You might be surprised to hear that the weight of most metal roofing per square foot is under two pounds, which is on-par with many forms of asphalt shingles. Shingles, on average, will weigh approximately two pounds for each square foot, while steel, the heaviest of the metals used for roofing, weighs in at about 1.5 pounds per square foot. Should you choose copper or aluminum roofing instead of steel, the numbers are even lower, at 1.25 and 0.7 pounds, respectively. This makes residential metal roofs quite reasonable because these are amounts that the average home is capable of handling.

If you have additional questions about the weight of metal roofs or about any other characteristics of metal roofing, reach out to American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin. Choosing an experienced roofing contractor can help you avoid common roofing installation mistakes. Our skilled and knowledgeable roofing contractors in Appleton, Wisconsin, will provide you with the information you need to make the most informed decision possible. We’ll also walk you through the process of purchasing and installing a metal roof, so you always know what to expect.