What Is a Standing Seam Hip Metal Roof?

What Is a Standing Seam Hip Metal Roof?

Metal roofs come in different sizes and shapes, and it can be overwhelming to decide between your options. But when you’re investigating a strong roof contender, you will come across standing seam options. If you want to know what a standing seam hip metal roof is, keep reading to find out!

Standing Seam Hip Metal Roof

Metal standing seam hip roofs feature vertical panels that run the length of the roof, and they lock together at the seam. The panels create a weather-tight surface that allows rain and snow to easily slide off the roof. Essentially, the main purpose of this metal roofing selection is to offer protection from harsh environmental conditions like heavy wind, impact damage, and UV exposure.

Why Choose This Roofing Option?

A standing seam hip metal roof is one of the best options because they offer all the benefits of a standard metal roof. And with a 50+ year lifespan, residential and commercial property owners won’t have to worry about roof replacements or damage. The installation with hidden fasteners and clips makes the roof less prone to leaks. In addition, the lack of visible clips and fasteners is more visually pleasing on any property!

3 Advantages of Standing Seam Hip Metal Roof

There are various benefits of standing hip seam roofing, but here are the top three advantages:

  • Durable – Standing seam is the thickest and strongest metal roof option. With protection from weather conditions, the roof won’t crack, rot, or warp.
  • Low maintenance – In general, metal roofs are low maintenance, and the standing seam is no exception. The weather-tight design prevents environmental damage.
  • Visually pleasing – With hidden fasteners and style options, people can design their roofs to fit their property. This is visually pleasing and great for fitting different aesthetics.

Who To Call for Metal Roof Installation?

Whether you’re deciding between corrugated and standing steam roofs, metal roofing is a great option for residential and commercial properties. They’re durable, long-lasting, and weather resistant. And when you seek this roofing selection, you need the right people for the job. The roofing contractors in Appleton, Wisconsin, can install the metal roof of your dreams! From selecting specific roofing material to figuring out unique colors, the roofing experts are here to help.

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