What To Do if Your Metal Roof Rusted

What To Do if Your Metal Roof Rusted

Unfortunately, while metal roofs are among the strongest and most durable models on the market, even they can suffer some form of damage. Often times, this is rust. Rust develops as a result of a chemical reaction between oxidized iron, water, and air. With enough time, susceptible components of metal roofs can become fully engulfed and weakened by rust, preventing them from working effectively. But rust isn’t uncorrectable, and there are several things to do if your metal roof rusted that can help get it back into peak condition.

Identify All Areas Where Rust Is Present

Spotting rust on a metal roof isn’t always as easy as many of us want to believe. In fact, combined with dirt and debris from storms, rust blends in very well. This is why it takes performing regular roof inspections to catch rust deposits before they can grow into larger problems. So, before starting any metal roofing maintenance efforts, search thoroughly and identify all afflicted spots. You may need to pressure wash the roof first to reveal some hidden areas.

Remove Rust and Rusted Components

The next thing you should do is remove any parts of the roof that have rust on them. This could mean taking out things as small as a few screws or as large as an entire section of plating. Since rust has the potential to spread once it’s taken hold, getting rid of all overrun components is crucial to preventing it in the future. As such, you may need to hire a professional metal roofing contractor to ensure everything is detached in a safe and effective way.

Have the Roof Professionally Repaired

But the job doesn’t stop there. After all, while you’ve removed the damaged parts, those parts will still need to be replaced or repaired for your roof to function as it did before. This is the most important part of what to do if your metal roof rusted. If you didn’t already, always hire a professional for this task. Not only will they know the best approach to take, but they’ll also have better insight into where your roof can be made stronger. Because of this, they’re definitely a resource you want to take advantage of.

Apply a Protective Coating

Then, finally, ask your roofers if they can apply a protective coating to the roof after the work is finished. Often made from acrylic or silicone, these sealants form a protective barrier over your roof to help block out moisture and other elements that could trigger the rusting process. For this reason, it’s recommended you get your roof recoated every few years to increase its overall lifespan.

If you’ve noticed deposits of rust developing on your own metal roof, don’t wait and allow the problem to persist. Instead, contact American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin. Our roofers in Green Bay, WI have extensive experience working on rusted roofing, and know just what it takes to fix and protect it from future issues. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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