Why Choose an Aluminum Roof for Your Wisconsin home?

Why choose an aluminum roof for your home?

You have choices when considering a new roof for your northern Wisconsin home. Some options are better than others. However, aluminum roofing is always a great choice. Here’s some history on aluminum and an explanation of why it’s excellent roofing material.

 According to aluminum.org, two scientists on opposite ends of the world discovered how to extract aluminum in 1865. Since then, aluminum has enjoyed tremendous popularity for its low weight, strength, and recyclability. As a result, it’s commonly found in cars, cans, building products, aerospace applications, solar panels, and more.

4 Reasons Why an Aluminum Roof is the Right Choice

Aluminum Roofing is Durable

Our aluminum shingles and standing seam panels are strong enough to withstand hail, severe storms, high winds, and even fire. Much of this strength comes from the material and interlocking design. 

Despite its strength, aluminum’s low weight reduces structural stress, a massive boon for older homes. So not only is the roof more durable, but the structure it protects is also.

Our Aluminum Roofing is Sustainable

Perhaps the most significant advantage of aluminum is its sustainability. An American Metal aluminum roof is manufactured with up to 99% recycled material and is recycled at the end of a long life. The bulk of this recycled material is post-consumer. Compare this with asphalt shingles, which contribute billions of pounds to landfills yearly.

Aluminum recycling is a closed loop, so it starts as waste aluminum, is recycled into usable aluminum, and restarts the process. It’s incredibly efficient to recycle aluminum, only consuming 5% of the energy compared to making new material. Also, per aluminum.org, 75% of existing aluminum is still in use today, whether in its original application or recycled and performing a new function. 

Aluminum Roofing Makes a Design Statement

Aluminum roofing offers flexibility in appearance. Our roofs come in a wide range of colors and finishes making it easy to find the perfect match for your home. And our high-quality Kynar™ coatings will last for decades without fading.

Beyond color, our aluminum roofing comes in many styles and shapes. Standing seam roofs are long vertical panels, and aluminum shingles mimic the shape of tile, slate, shake, or asphalt shingles. So, whether you choose a contemporary standing seam, a low-key shingle, or a bold tile, an aluminum roof makes a statement. 

Aluminum Roofing Saves Energy

 Your roofing choice will impact your future energy demands and costs. Aluminum is an energy-efficient metal. Unlike asphalt, which holds the day’s heat for hours, aluminum quickly radiates heat back into the air. 

An American metal roof addresses all 3 forms of heat transfer: radiant, conductive, and convective – for a roofing system with maximum energy efficiency. 

The right aluminum roof offers superior durability, longevity, style, and sustainability. Call or email us today to see how an aluminum roof can work for you.