Your Wisconsin Home: Water and Its Trouble Makers

Your Wisconsin Home: Water and Its Trouble Makers

Water from rain and ice-melt brings a troupe of trouble makers to your Wisconsin home. Here’s a short list that can help you identify the pesky players…and address them:

Rusted Exhaust Flues

Over a period of years, condensation can cause steel exhaust ducts on furnaces and water heaters to rust. Holes in these ducts can allow dangerous gasses to enter your home rather than be vented outside.

Damp Insulation

The insulation on top of your ceilings is there to save you energy dollars. For maximum effectiveness, this insulation needs to be dry and fluffy. Improper attic ventilation can cause the insulation to become damp and heavy. A 10% reduction in the moisture level of your insulation can increase its R Value by 25%.

Plumbing Leaks

Water getting to places where it shouldn’t be in your home will likely lead to mold. Plumbing leaks can be visible beneath sinks and other places, or they can be hidden in your walls or crawlspace.

Attic Mold

High attic moisture levels can result from ventilation issues and lead to mold. However, slow roof leaks, often at the bottoms of valleys or against dormers and other roof penetrations, will also create mold and even expensive rot.


Holes in crawlspace vents, around basement windows, or in roof overhangs can allow vermin such as mice or even larger critters to enter your home. If they die inside your home, the odor can linger for weeks and, shy of tearing apart walls, the source will be very difficult to remove. Dead animals can also lead to insect infestation and mold.

Hopefully, these things are not problems for your Wisconsin home, or home-away-from-home, but they all represent problems that, if left unchecked, grow to become more damaging and more expensive to repair.

For additional information on threats to your home’s health, and how American Metal Roofs of Northern WI can help, read on.

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