Your Winter Roof: Manage Snow and Damage

Your Winter Roof: Manage Snow and Damage

Let’s admit; we live here because we love it here. Much as we enjoy the beauty and fun of snow, we can acknowledge that extreme temperatures and precipitation have downsides.

Here are some of the challenges inherent in a northern Wisconsin winter:

  1. It’s often hard and expensive to keep your home warm inside.
  2. Heavy snow loads can damage your roof.
  3. Melting snow can form ice dams that wreak havoc on your gutters while creating safety hazards.
  4. Leaks develop, damaging your attic and home.
  5. Your asphalt roofing deteriorates even more quickly than expected.

You can eliminate each of these winter downsides with our professional metal winter roof installation. How?

An American Metal Roof is a winter roof system that addresses attic ventilation and manages snow. 

  1. Your home’s heating systems run more efficiently.
  2. Snow is managed with snow guards and proper ventilation to protect your roof and all that’s beneath it.
  3. Ice dams are prevented from forming.
  4. Interconnecting panels and concealed fasteners protect your home from roof leaks.
  5. Our metal roofing stands up to the elements and is warranted for a lifetime.

You don’t have to wait for perfect weather to get our expert installation of a quality metal roof. We install metal roofing year-round…even in winter.

Learn more about the many ways an American Metal Roof protects and beautifies your Northern Wisconsin home. Call or send us an email today.