2021 Trends for Home Metal Roofing

2021 Trends for Home Metal Roofing

Just as popular home designs can change from year to year, it’s also common to see roofing preferences switch. Because these materials can be so varied, there are plenty of looks and functions that come with them. As such, it helps to know what’s currently in style when you take on one of these projects for your home. These are some of the top 2021 trends for home metal roofing and what benefits they can each bring to your property.

Sleek Rooflines

Everyone wants their home to look good, and a key part of maintaining this curb appeal is the overall roof design. Despite being comprised of high-strength materials like steel and aluminum, metal roofing can take several different shapes to accommodate varying style needs. This means that you can still find something that creates a clean and sleek appearance without limiting yourself to just fragile asphalt shingles.

Color Contrast

Metal roofing is also available in several different colors to complement whatever hue you use on your home. Currently, we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of utilizing color contrasts between the siding and roof. An example would be pairing a lighter home with a darker roof. This gives an increased feeling of depth and makes certain aspects of the property more eye-catching.

Cooling Capabilities

But one of the most important 2021 trends for home metal roofing is its cooling features. When roofing materials warm under the sun’s intense rays, they can heat up the rest of the home and cause your cooling bills to skyrocket. As a result, roofs with cooling features are typically the most sought-after, especially in the summer. Since metal roofs are extremely compatible with ventilation, they’re among the best ways to keep a steady airflow and regulate indoor temperatures.

If you need a roof that embodies these current trends, look no further than American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin. Our roofing contractors in De Pere, Wisconsin, know all about the capabilities of these materials, making them a key resource during the installation process and beyond. So, they’re the perfect team to hire if you want a clean aesthetic, a complementary design, and energy efficiency for years to come.

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