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A Welcome Alternative to the Typical Roofing Companies in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula

If you're looking for the best Roofing Companies in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, look no further. At American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin, we set our priorities in the following order:


  1. GOD
  2. Family
  3. Business             


With those priorities in mind, we opened our doors in 2007. The result? Hundreds of convinced customers have had us install hundreds of thousands of square feet of beautiful and permanent metal roofing on homes all over Northern Wisconsin. You can count on American Metal Roofs for the highest level of business ethics and skilled installation of the finest quality metal roofing products available.

Our roofs are:

  • Beautifully custom installed- We have 4 national award-winning homes to our credit and our roofs have been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines.
  • Energy efficient- Qualifying for the EPA's Energy Star Rating.
  • Virtually permanent- The oldest aluminum roof in the world was installed on the Chief Secretary's office building in Sydney, Australia in 1880. That roof is in sound condition yet today.
  • Worry Free in Winter- Snow slides right off your roof when temperatures rise above 40 degrees.
  • A sound investment- 65.7% of the cost of your roof can be added to your home's value according to Remodelers Magazine (September 2008 Cost vs. Value Report).
  • Sustainable- American Metal Roofs are environmentally friendly - manufactured from 96% recycled material.

In addition, our priorities have allowed us to offer you warranties that are unprecedented in the roofing industry:

  1. 100% Non-prorated material warranties by the manufacturer for as long as you own your home, transferable for 40 years.
  2. 100% Non Prorated Workmanship warranty by American Metal Roofs for as long as you own your home.
  3. Value Guarantee – A written Guarantee that a better value cannot be found or we will refund the difference plus $500.00.

install equipment vanStop by and check us out - visit our showroom. You'll see our investment in facilities equipment; assurance that we will be here in the future when you need us. Finally, here's something we tell every potential customer: "We don't want you to spend any more than you have to, but we believe you should spend what it takes to do the job right."

We firmly believe that installing an American Metal Roof on your home is your best roofing investment. All we ask is a chance to prove it to you.

installers on rooftop







#1 in Quality for Your Home or Business

home with finished roofIf you're looking for the best Roofing Companies in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula, look no further. At American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin, we specialize in installing metal roofing from Classic Products, the world's largest residential metal shingle manufacturer. Our metal roofing systems offer more than just protection from high winds, rain, snow and sun. They deliver lasting beauty that traditional wood or composition roofing materials can't match. In fact, the rugged, baked-on, multi-layer finish ensures lasting protection and color retention that adds beauty and value to your home today... and for the next homeowners. And the next. And the next.

Residences make up approximately three-quarters of our installations; the rest include small office buildings, stores, restaurants, and churches. In fact, we have become specialists in providing long-time roofing solutions to churches large and small throughout Wisconsin.

As the leading metal roofer in Wisconsin, American Metal Roofs, Inc. sets the standard for quality products, expert service, and total customer satisfaction. When you choose American Metal Roofs, you can expect long-lasting beauty and worry-free protection. You gain peace-of-mind from knowing we’ve been in the home improvement business for over two decades. Every one of our installers is professionally trained; some have over 30 years of installation experience.

The Last Roof You Will Ever Install

Then you choose a metal roof from American Metal Roofs, it will be the last roof you will ever install. You’ll say goodbye to problems you’ve experienced with asphalt or wood shingles because our metal roofs are built to stay beautiful — even in the harsh climate extremes we endure here in Wisconsin. And you’ll add to the beauty and resale value of your home.

Our Non-Prorated Limited Lifetime Warranty States...

“For as long as any person who held title to a property at the time the product was applied to the property is living and retains ownership of the property, the aluminum roof panels and accessories are warranted 100% to be free from workmanship defects that might result in leaking.”

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