5 Common Misconceptions About Metal Roofs

5 Common Misconceptions About Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are a fantastic addition to any home or business, but many people feel hesitant to make the switch because of the mainstream misconceptions about this roofing material. There are several rumors floating around about metal roofs, and it’s time to put those myths to rest. This guide explains five common misconceptions about metal roofs and why they are incorrect.

They Are Expensive

The first common misconception about metal roofs is that they are expensive. While initial installation may be pricier than other materials, you save much more money with metal roofing in the long run. Regular shingles require consistent repairs and maintenance that take a lot of money out of your pocket. Metal roofs are very low maintenance and typically do not require repairs, making them a more economical option for you and your pocketbook.

They Are Noisy

The second myth about metal roofs is that they are noisy. People assume that metal roofs will get very loud during rain and storms. However, this is not necessarily true. The installation method will determine whether your roof is noisy or not. Professionals can add layers of padding material between the plywood and metal so that you hear hardly anything through your roof.

They Will Rust

Many people also mistakenly think that metal roofs will rust more quickly. Old-fashioned metal roofing materials were more prone to rust. However, new technological advances make it so that you no longer have to deal with rust as much. There are high-tech coatings available that will keep your roof rust-free and in good condition for years.

They Get Hot

Another mainstream myth about metal roofing is that it gets too hot. It may surprise you that shingle roofs actually get much hotter than metal roofs. This is because metal roofs have properties that make them energy efficient, which will keep them cool even in the summer months. Metal roofs have high reflectivity and emissivity, allowing them to reflect light and heat away from the roof, releasing energy from the heat rather than absorbing it.

They Attract Lightning

Attracting lightning is also a common rumor about metal roofing. Metal is a material that acts as an electrical conductor. However, this material will not attract lightning to strike your home any more than other materials. There is an added benefit to metal roofs in that they are not a combustible material, meaning that if lightning does strike, your roof will not go up in flames.

Now that you know five common myths about metal roofing, you can make an educated decision about your personal roofing material preference. If you’re looking for roofing companies in Wisconsin, be sure to check out American Metal Roofs; we will take care of all your metal roofing needs.

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