Do Metal Roofs Affect Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Service?

Do Metal Roofs Affect Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Service?

Wi-Fi and cell phone service are essential for many homeowners. When looking for home upgrades, you want to ensure that nothing disrupts your connection, including the roof. Keep reading to learn if metal roofs affect Wi-Fi and cell phone service.

The Breakdown of Wi-Fi

Your cable provider typically also provides your internet service. The provider captures the Wi-Fi signal outside the home and then transmits it inside your space through a cable. The cable connects to your Wi-Fi router and allows you to use the internet. A metal roof does not impact this connection as it depends on your cable provider. If you experience a weak Wi-Fi connection, you may have an outdated router, and you should contact your service provider to resolve this issue.

Cell Phone Coverage

The area you live in impacts your cell phone signal. Walk outside your home and pay attention to your cell phone bar. If you have one or two bars (out of 5 bars), your area has poor cell phone coverage. The weak coverage can make receiving or sending calls and text messages difficult when you use your phone inside your home. There’s a misconception that metal roofs can worsen bad cell phone signals, but this is not true. Your area typically impacts your signal strength.

What Causes a Poor Signal?

A poor cell phone signal and weak internet connection aren’t ideal for anyone. The culprit for these disruptions can be traced back to outdated equipment and geographic barriers. Old Wi-Fi routers or routers that are too small for your home can lead to a less than ideal internet connection. Your area can affect signals too. For instance, if you live on one side of a mountain (and the local cell phone tower is on the other side of the mountain), you can expect a weak signal.

Purchase Your Ideal Roof

After discovering that metal roofs don’t affect your home’s Wi-Fi and cell phone service, you should select this fantastic roofing option. Furthermore, you should go with the best company to install this addition. If you’re looking for roofers in Green Bay, Wisconsin, choose American Metal Roofs of Northern Wisconsin. Professional installation and excellent service make our company the best choice for you!