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Metal Roofing Installers

No Subcontractors! Our Crews Are Company Employees!

amr-installer-training“So, how do you attract the best talent to insure a quality installation? Take on the responsibility of making crews company employees. Many of our competitors will not absorb the associated employee costs such as workman’s compensation insurance, health insurance, vacation pay and a full host of benefits. But, how can any roofing company maintain installation quality if their install crews aren’t employees?” Ray Farmer.


Does our commitment pay off? It certainly does for our customers. Take a moment to read a few letters from our testimonials and you’ll find many comments that refer to the courtesy, cleanliness and skill of our install crews.

A quality installation means we can provide you with a metal roof that can stand up to our exclusive warranty. That is something you may not get from another Wisconsin metal roofing installer that subcontracts their install crews.