Timber Creek Shake

timber_creek_shake_1Timbercreek metal shake in Northern WI and the UP has the beauty of a cedar shake with the technology to with stand the harshest climates while remaining virtually maintenance free.

With the aesthetic beauty of wood shake roofing, Timbercreek metal shake will take your home’s beauty to a higher level. The three dimensional shingles will enhance the beauty, curb appeal and actual value of any home.

Timbercreek is one of the most durable metal cedar shake roofs in Northern Wisconsin and the UP. Timbercreek metal shake uses only the strongest, most advanced steel available today—G-90 Galvanized steel. With the time-tested strength of steel, Timbercreek metal shake will stand up to fire, hurricanes, hail and any extreme weather imaginable.

Our Timbercreek metal shake in Northern WI and the UP utilizes state-of-the-art Thermobond® technology. Other steel roofing employs the old-fashioned practice of gluing small stones to their shingles which in a short time will wear, blow or even wipe off after minimal exposure to weather. Thermobond® utilizes the innovative technique of baking a layer of Kynar powder onto the shingle that chemically bonds the three-dimensional granules to the shingle, creating a lifetime seal that will withstand the most extreme weather.

  • State of the art ThermoBond ® finish offers texture and rugged durability.


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