The Different Types of Metal Roofing Styles

The Different Types of Metal Roofing Styles

If you’re going to put the time and money into redoing your home’s roof, you want to ensure it looks its best when the project is finished. This is why modern metal roofs aren’t just made to be durable and protective—they’re also available in various designs to suit your aesthetic needs. These are some of the different types of metal roofing styles and their key features to consider during the selection process.

Standard Metal Panels

Long, straight, and slightly ribbed panels are the style standard of metal roofing products. Because of this, they’re commonly used on ranch-style homes. Each sheet is fastened down with color-matched screws and washers to ensure consistency of appearance while maintaining a durable barrier from the elements. This style can also be customized to look more crimped or wavy, giving it an older, more traditional aesthetic.

Standing Seam

With standing seam metal roofs, the fasteners are hidden underneath the panel seams. At the points where the panels and fasteners hook together, the metal appears raised and creates equal sections along the roof. This provides a cleaner, sleeker, and more modern look than standard metal paneling can achieve. Additionally, since the potentially vulnerable fasteners are hidden, this style of roofing is more resistant to heavy weather conditions.

Metal Tiles and Shingles

Another type of metal roofing style to keep in mind are metal tile and shingle models. These designs mimic the aesthetic of brick and stone tiling yet still provide an advanced amount of protection from the elements. This makes them some of the best options for people looking for both function and an eye-catching style. However, this particular roofing method is very distinct and doesn’t mesh well with certain home designs, so take your architecture into account when making your decision.

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