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The Top 5 Benefits of Metal Roofing

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If you think of metal roofs, your first thought might be of industrial-looking sheets used only by commercial roofing companies. But metal roofing has come a long way, and it’s now a premier choice for roofing single-family houses. Part of that has to do with the fact that metal roofing can be quite affordable, but that’s by no means the only benefit it offers. Here are the top five reasons homeowners should consider residential metal roofs:

    1. Varied Appearance
      Although most metal roofs are constructed of one of two metals (steel or aluminum), modern metal roofs come in more than 100 colors — some standard, some premium and some customized. That’s actually far more variation than is allowed by asphalt shingles, with about 20 standard colors. Depending on the architectural style of your home, you can also opt to choose from either vertical metal panels or interlocking metal shingles.


    1. Expected Lifespan
      Longevity is one of the chief reasons to choose a metal roof. It’s common for a metal roof to last 50 years or even longer with proper maintenance, and the typical metal roof lasts between three and seven times longer than an average asphalt-shingled roof. Steel roofing can even be coated with an alloy of aluminum and zinc to extend its lifespan up to 100 years.


    1. Weather Resistance
      Metal roofs are far superior to average shingled roofs when it comes to shedding snow and rain. They’re also very resistant to wind; metal roofs can have up to a 140 mile per hour wind rating. That’s nearly double the speed that triggers a hurricane force wind warning.


    1. Fire Resistance
      Metal roofs, unsurprisingly, are very resistant to fire (the final fire rating of a metal roof is generally only decreased based on the underlying materials). Some insurance companies will even give homeowners a discount for installing metal roofing.


  1. Ease of Installation
    Metal roofing materials normally come in larger sections of shingles or in panels several feet wide. That means an experienced contractor can install a metal roof very quickly, minimizing both labor costs and the disruption that living through re-roofing often causes. And if your old roof has been damaged in a storm, getting a new roof on as quickly as possible can be important in minimizing further damage to your house, too.

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