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Why Every Homeowner Should Go For a Metal Roof

Replacing a roof is not on the top of anyone’s fun list, but unfortunately, many homeowners will have to look into it every year. Whether your roof is just old or its sustained weather damage or some other kind of accident, you want to make sure that your new roof is durable — so you don’t have to think about doing this again anytime soon! Hiring reliable roofing contractors and roofing installers can make a big difference in how easy the whole process is and they may also be able to advise you on the kind of roof best for your area. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, and so contacting a metal roofing company to see what your options are might be a savvy move on your part, especially if you don’t plan to stay in that home forever — it can be a nice return on investment.

Can’t I Just Repair My Roof?

In some cases, repairing your roof might be the way to go. If just a few shingles are missing — blown off, say — and it’s mostly cosmetic, then replacing the shingles is likely just fine. And if you really don’t have the money to do an entire roof, patching areas can be an okay stopgap for the time being. However, it’s not a permanent solution, and you’re delaying the inevitable. Even if you’re replacing missing shingles or patching parts of your roof, you probably want a roofing professional to come check your roof out to make sure there’s no structural issues or missing decking.

They’ll check out both the outside of the roof and also inside, usually in your attic, to see if there’s moisture or other signs that your roof needs more than just a simple fix. If your roof is sagging, actively leaking, or the shingles are buckling, it’s definitely time for a new roof.

What’s the Big Deal With Metal Roofs?

There are honestly dozens of reasons to love a metal roof, as anyone from a metal roofing company can attest to. For one, the cost isn’t as great as you might inspect. In fact, the priciest kinds of metal like copper or stainless steel are still cheaper than the least expensive slate or tile roof, by as much as 30%. And even though the cost is less, metal roofs can last over 50 years with the right kind of maintenance. In fact, some steel roofing with an aluminum-zinc alloy can make a roof last up to 100 years. On average, they last three to seven times as long as an asphalt shingled roof.

They’re also extremely durable, with a 140 mph wind rating, If you frequently have strong winds or hail, a metal roof might be the best choice for protecting your home.

Metal roofs are also quite versatile now, with over 100 colors (that’s way more than standard asphalt shingles that only have about 15 to 20 colors). And, they tend to be extremely green. A new metal roof might have as much as 60% recycled content in it and they’re 100% recyclable once their life as a roof is done. Furthermore, you could save as much as 25% off your energy bill every year. Installing a metal roof can be a great investment and pay itself off over the years.

What Should I Look For in a Metal Roofing Company?

You certainly want a metal roofing company that has a solid reputation, good credentials and reviews, and the proper licensing and certifications. They should be fairly well established and have plenty of experience if they’re a new business. They should also be up to date on the new trends and patterns of roofing and be able to explain the process and advise you on what’s best for your home.

If you’re taking the plunge and redoing your roof, make sure you have something that will last. A metal roof is an excellent choice and will ensure that you likely never have to think about your roof again!

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