Baby, It's Getting Cooler Outside: Energy Savings for Your WI Home

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Energy Savings for Your Wisconsin Home

It’s cold…and getting colder outside in northern Wisconsin. Winter is fast approaching and so are the challenges to energy savings in your home. Basically, comfort in your home requires getting heat where it needs to be and at the same time, keeping the cold air out.

Here are 7 simple steps to help you stay comfortable and save energy in your home:

  1. Fireplaces – For a wood burning fireplace, keep your damper closed when you’re not burning wood. If you have  a gas fireplace, check local codes that may require the damper be permanently open. Have an expert check your fireplace for leaks, efficiency and safety.
  2. Ceiling Fans – Reverse ceiling fans to run in a counter-clockwise direction on the lowest setting ror more even heating.
  3. Vents – Ensure that furniture, curtains or other items are not blocking registers and heated air from coming into the home.
  4. Outlets & Switches – Feel air coming through your electrical connections? Install foam outlet and switch seals behind the cover plates.  Of course, turn off the power before you attempt this and call a professional, if needed.
  5. Pipes & Wires – Ensure that all of the holes that accommodate pipes and wires (usually drilled larger than the utility) entering your living space are sealed with putty or foaming sealants
  6. Window & Doors – Seal areas where you see light, or feel a draft on the exterior. You may need to add or replace some weather stripping to ensure clean door sweeps and tight seals.
  7. Look to your roof!

Learn more about how great ventilation and a superior protective covering for your home can help with energy savings, maintenance savings, and protecting your home from whatever the weather may bring. There’s much we can do to help you keep cozy…year-round.
We’re northern Wisconsin’s metal roofing experts, and we look forward to helping you save energy into the future.

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