America's Most Proven Roofing: Rustic Shingle

America’s Most Proven Metal Roofing: Rustic Shingle

Since the beginning of time, humans have sought shelter. It provides comfort, warmth, protection, and a feeling of home. A huge part of shelter is a good roof. Rustic Shingle is a great example of a very good roof.
At American Metal Roofing of Wisconsin, we have worked hard to find products that offer our customers the best combination of beauty, value, protection, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. We didn’t have to look hard when finding Rustic Shingle by Classic Metal Roofing Systems as it is quite likely our country’s most proven roofing material.
Roofing manufacturers historically change their formulations on a regular basis. Profiles, styles, and colors change but, more importantly, the raw material composition of their products changes as well. Quality always seems to be a moving target with most manufacturers and we wonder if it isn’t driven by their own desire for cost savings.
Our Rustic Shingle aluminum roofing system, though, was developed in 1959 by Kaiser Aluminum. We know of no other roofing product that has been on the market that long with so few changes. Many other roofing products introduced since then by other manufacturers have resulted in unhappy customers and, worse yet, class action law suits as the products have failed to live up to promises and expectations.Rustic Shingle, though, still looks the same as it did over 55 years ago and it is still produced from long-lasting high quality aluminum alloy.

The one thing that has changed is that the manufacturer has taken advantage of advancements in the coating industry. The Rustic Shingle product is now protected by the unmatched PVDF coating available in many colors featuring reflective pigment for added energy efficiency.What this means for our customers is that they can choose a roofing system that has proven the test of time. Rustic Shingle’s many benefits of energy efficiency, beauty durability, low weight, and fire safety fit exactly with the things our customers want in their next roof.
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