Breathe Easier: Air Quality and Your WI Home

Breathe Easier: Air Quality and Your WI Home

On any given day in Northern Wisconsin, you can find good and not-so-good Air Quality Index Ratings (AQI). Wildfire smoke significantly affects the quality of the air we breathe. Take a look at Green Bay from IQAir, an informative source of current conditions. 

What happens outside, of course, affects what’s happening inside your home. Unfortunately, you can’t affect the quality of the air outdoors, but you can improve the quality of the air inside your house.

How Can You Prepare For Poor Air Quality? 

  • Improve your home’s ventilation. According to the EPA, the most effective steps you can take are reducing sources of pollution, increasing ventilation by opening windows and doors (especially when working with paint or chemicals), and using an air cleaning system.
  • The EPA also recommends watching for mold growth, adding carbon monoxide monitors, and maintaining ventilation. Learn more from The Environmental Protection Agency.  
  • Ventilation and air quality go hand in hand, and many people are unaware of just how important proper ventilation is. Today’s homes are built more tightly, so moisture is often trapped in the attic. When warm, moist air hits a cool surface, the air contracts, and moisture is forced out as condensation. Learn more about how your attic and roof ventilation is performing from our experts. 

Prioritize the Quality of Your Indoor Air

As our homes and environments evolve, prioritize the quality of your indoor air through excellent ventilation. 

Every American Metal Roof installation includes a thorough evaluation and plan for your home’s unique ventilation needs.  

Before the next round of challenges, contact our knowledgeable Customer Service team to learn more about protecting your home and air with a FREE consultation. 

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