Common Metal Roof Installation Mistakes

Common Metal Roof Installation Mistakes

There are plenty of reasons to hire professional roofers, and the most important one is to ensure the job is done correctly. When metal roofs are installed by nonprofessionals or inexperienced roofers, issues that are not always obvious to the untrained eye can arise. These mistakes can lead in time to issues and damage to the integrity of your roofing. When you make a long-term investment, such as a roof, in your home, you want to know it’s installed properly and all the main components of the roof will function as described—especially when a metal roof can last for decades. Here are some of the most common metal roof installation mistakes.

Using the wrong sealant

One of the most common and most damaging mistakes that metal roofing installers can make is using the wrong sealant. Sealants are what is used to keep out water, dirt, dust, and other debris from getting under your metal roof. If water and debris get underneath the roof, they can damage it. This can lead to issues such as rusting, which can take lead to costly rust-related repairs, as well as leaking and can even void a warranty in some cases. Using the correct sealant is key to a long-lasting and functional metal roof. If the appropriate kind of sealant is applied correctly, your roof could last for decades.

Incorrectly installed fasteners

Another common mistake made by metal roofing installation newbies is incorrectly installing the fasteners. Fasteners that are incorrectly installed could lead to you needing to replace your roof much sooner than anticipated. Fasteners that are installed too tight, too loose, or off-center could result in major roof leaks and damage to your roof. When fasteners are installed, they should be screwed in with little to no resistance. Experienced and professional metal roofing installers know exactly what this should look and feel like.

Different metal batches are used

When different batches of metals are used, there is no guarantee that the colors will be exact matches. Even with two batches in the same color and from the same maker can have slight variations. While the minor variation may not be glaringly noticeable immediately, the color difference will become more noticeable as the years pass and the sun starts to fade the roofing colors unevenly.

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