Hail Damage and a Metal Roof from American Metal Roofing

Hail Damage and a Metal Roof from American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin

If it’s time to replace your roof, due to hail damage, consider the benefits of metal. We provide, install and service Classic Metal Roofing Systems to northern Wisconsin; the benefits that relate to hail and storm damage are many.

All Metal is Not Created Equal: Classic Metal Roofs and Hail
  • Our warranty includes the paint finish to not be damaged by hail and the product to not leak due to hail damage. This is important because, after severe storms, you may wait weeks and even months for a contractor. Not having interior damages during that period is critical.
  • Whereas other roofing materials soften or become brittle with age, making them more susceptible to hail damage, a Classic roof is just as hail-resistant in 10, 20, 30, and 40 years as it is when it is new. This is absolutely not the case with most other roofing materials.
  • The deep texturing of most of our metal roof designs helps to mask minor indentations which may occur during hailstorms. This is far different from what occurs with less textured metal roofs. We also offer high density foam backers as an option behind our panels to enhance their hail resistance.
  • Classic Metal Roofs have a UL Class IV Impact Resistance Rating. This is the highest rating available and may make you eligible for discounts on your insurance premiums. It’s important to note that accepting a discount may waive your right to an insurance claim for future hail damage that is cosmetic – check with your insurance agent.

2015 has been a very active year for hail thus far. While March through June are historically the worst months for hail, devastating storms can occur throughout the year and are the result of layered ice particles being formed by unstable air masses with strong updrafts.
While the effects of severe hail will be seen on any materials the hail impacts, your best protection is a roof that is not brittle, soft, or decaying as the result of years of exposure.

If you think that a new Classic Metal Roof could be good for your home, its beauty and its protection, please call us at 877-569-4700 or contact us.  And, be sure to learn how a Classic Metal Roof can protect your home from high summer temperatures and reduce your energy costs.

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