Want to avoid your WI metal roofing project going wrong?

How to Avoid Your Metal Roofing Project Going Wrong

In our years of working with northern WI homeowners, we’ve encountered metal roofing projects with all sorts of existing problems.  Here, we’ll share 3 ways a metal roof project can go wrong. And give you the heads-up on how to avoid all 3 with added benefits.

3 Ways a Metal Roofing Project Can Go Wrong

The wrong product. Not all metal roofing is equal, and poor quality can be an issue.  

  • Many metal roofing products have manufacturing defects or are produced with low-grade materials and inferior finishes. 
  • Sometimes the product used is not right for the architecture of your home, which leads to leaks, damage, and a fair amount of ugly.
  • Poor performance in storms, heat, rain, wind, and fire impacts the durability of a metal roof.

The wrong installation.  Don’t be fooled by the wrong roofing contractor.

  • Often metal roofs are installed lacking consideration of ventilation and attic condition, resulting in an unhealthy home.
  • Exposed screws and fasteners can rust and impact the durability and performance of a metal roof.
  • Any roof is only as good as its installation, and unqualified installers and roofing contractors abound.

The wrong warranty.  Many product warranties don’t protect the investment in your home.

  • Many metal roofing warranties are no better than the cheapest asphalt roofing products. 
  • Inferior product manufacturers offer lots of fine print to explain exceptions for shoddy materials and short life.
  • Inferior contractors don’t offer workmanship warranties.  You need both product and installation warranties.

How your Metal Roof Project Can Go Right

Choose to work with the local leader: American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin & Michigan’s UP.

  •  When you talk with our friendly and knowledgeable staff of metal roofing experts, you get the help you need to ensure you choose the right roofing product for your home.
  • Our lifetime product and extensive workmanship warranties will serve you now and into the future.    
  • In addition to avoiding what can go wrong with a metal roof, you’ll enjoy peace of mind with investment protection and durability. 

And if you prefer to Do It Yourself…we can help with that, too. Visit our showroom and attend a training session for a successful installation.

We have helped thousands of customers avoid roofing mistakes. So don’t wait. Email us today and tell us about your roof. We’re here to help and look forward to your bright roofing future!

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