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Snow Country Roofs

Rustic56_015Designed for heavy snow loads, a Snow Country Roof has interlocking Valleys and Gables that help prevent damage from sliding snow. Snow slides from a metal roof are desirable actions. It is Mother Nature’s way of cleaning the roof in the winter. One of the dangers of a snow slide is the damage to your metal roof. This damage comes as a result of heavy build-ups of snow being forced sideways by an opposing gable across a valley. This sideways movement of snow can bend the ribs on the most stout standing seam steel roof causing permanent damage.

Snow Country Roofs were designed to lock the shingles in at the valley and gable edge. By locking the shingles down it becomes very difficult for sliding snow to get under the shingles and damage the roof.

Oxford and Rustic Shingle have been designed in a Snow Country version.

Roofs Not Designed for Snow Country

snowDamaged1  snowDamaged2