Is Your Wisconsin Roof Prepared for Winter?

Is Your Northern Wisconsin Roof Prepared for Winter?

Early fall is the perfect time to check out your Northern Wisconsin roof to make sure it is prepared for winter. Getting out the binoculars and taking a stroll around your home’s perimeter while peering up at the roof can help you decide whether your roof is “good to go” for the winter or, if it needs attention. Even in the harshest climates, there are still a few weeks of decent weather left for roof repairs or replacement if necessary.

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Roofing Check Up Safety

Wherever you live, checking out your home’s roof twice a year is always a good idea.  For safety, do your inspection from the ground only, using binoculars if necessary.

Here is a list of things to look for based upon our local climate:

Heavy winter ice and snow…

Places where snow loads can be very heavy present huge challenges to roofing. Cold temperatures, ice, thawing and re-freezing, sliding snow – all of these impact roofing materials in considerable ways. Inspect your roof to ensure that everything is in place.  Clean off any collected debris which otherwise will prevent the snow from sliding. Make sure that your intake soffit vents are clear of insulation and functioning. Try a test in your attic with tissue paper or a smoke pen to make sure that air is flowing correctly. You want your attic to be as cold as possible in the winter. Add insulation on top of your ceilings to keep the heat inside of your home.

If you have any valleys on your roof where snow tends to get jammed up, consider adding snow guards to the roof uphill above the valleys. Snow guards will encourage the snow to stay in place and melt rather than push into the valley where snow from adjoining roof planes becomes a log jam. Move anything around the perimeter of your home inside or further away if it might be broken by avalanching snow loads. If you have heating cables on your roof, check now to make sure they are functioning properly.

What’s Next?

Enjoy the season. Please feel free to call us at 877-569-4700 whenever we might be of service. If you have a perplexing or pressing issue pertaining to roofing or ventilation, we can offer you advice and solutions.

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