Preventing Winter Roof Damage in Northern Wisconsin

Preventing Winter Roof Damage in Northern Wisconsin

What can you do in the middle of winter to prevent roof damage? Let’s look at how you can maintain your roof during Wisconsin’s cold winter months and ensure the protection of your home and all it contains.

Clear all debris as safety allows.

Make sure your roof, gutters, and downspouts are free of debris. Remove pine needles, leaves, twigs, and anything else that accumulates. Do this as a prevention on non-precipitation days and use a ladder safely. Consider hiring a roofing or gutter professional for this task, and get a head start next year in the fall.

Remove snow if possible to do so safely.

Though often lovely from a distance, snow on your roof for too long can cause damage.

Along with ice, snow adds weight to your roof. As the snow melts, it can create ice dams caused by re-freezing when temperatures drop (usually overnight). Melted snow and ice harden again, backing up any run-off of precipitation. This can loosen your shingles or even create a leakage. Ice dams wreak havoc on your gutters, too.

Remove all ice and snow from your roof as quickly and thoroughly as possible to keep it dry longer. These conditions can make the surfaces slippery, so it’s wise to hire a roofing professional to take care of the issue.

Check your attic ventilation.

The performance of your attic directly impacts the performance of your roof. If poorly ventilated or insulated. Keeping the airflow in your attic consistent helps your roof maintain its integrity.

Get a professional roof inspection.

While you can complete these winter roof maintenance tasks yourself, as roofing professionals, we can quickly and safely discover and address issues that comprise the protection of your home.

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