Roof Snow? Protect Your Northern WI or UP Home This Winter

Snow: Protecting Your Roof and Home

When winter arrives in Northern Wisconsin and the UP, as temperatures drop, take care of your roof. It takes a  beating from nasty weather, and snowfall can put a lot of weight on it. The amount of rain, snow, and sleet we get in the winter can be tough on your roof and gutters.

Ventilating your roof can prevent ice dams, which happen when water melts on your roof and refreezes along the eave and in your gutters. This water can damage your gutters and let ice and water leak into your attic. Unless you prevent ice dams, they can continue to build up as they melt and refreeze. You can prevent ice dams by changing your roof’s temperature through attic ventilation.

Snow buildup is similar to ice dams but stays on the roof instead of sliding to the gutters. While ice dams pose a risk to your gutter system, snow buildup poses more risk to your roof. 

Snow removal is another concern during the winter months. While snow buildup can be dangerous and is mainly preventable with snow guards, some homeowners try to remove snow from their roofs manually. This is unsafe and unnecessary for most roofs.

Our Snow Country Roofing solutions offer the ultimate protection for your home in winter. And, we install all year long.

Prevent Damage to Your Home This Winter

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