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Tips and tools to help you find the right roof

Re-roofing can be a painful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right roof for your northern Wisconsin or UP home will include some decisions on how you want your new roof to perform. The first step to a worry-free roofing future is to set your criteria.

The metrics you use to choose a good roof might be simple: cost, ease of installation, and how fast you can get it done and move on with your life. 

This approach works fine, but only if those criteria are all that matter to you. If metrics like durability, protection against severe weather, sustainability, and beauty matter, opening up your options will greatly benefit you. 

You do have options.

Roofing comes in many forms, but all fall into a few broad categories based on material. 

  • Most residential roofs are asphalt roofs – the cheapest, quickest, easiest to install roofing option and the one with the shortest life expectancy.
  • Some are tile or slate – both are durable – both have higher up-front costs, are harder to install, and are expensive to repair or replace.
  • Metal is growing in popularity as the least expensive long-term, sustainable option. it’s energy-efficient, lightweight, beautiful, and warranted to last a lifetime.

Depending on your criteria, one of these may fit your home and your needs best.

Need help defining the criteria for your next right roof?

We understand that when it comes to making your list of criteria for the right roof, it can be hard. There’s a lot of information out there…some good…and some not so good. 

We want you to be happy with your next roof. Our team of seasoned metal roofing professionals is right here in Suamico to assist, determined to help you find the right roof…the very best roofing solution for your unique situation and home.

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