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Proper Ventilation Deals with Excessive Moisture

In northern Wisconsin, many homeowners are reporting problems with excessive moisture and condensation, and even frost in attic spaces. These problems are worse during seasons when heating and air conditioning units, which naturally draw moisture out of the air, are not being used. These problems are not related to the roofing but, just the same, … Read more

home improvement roof-ventilation-prevents-moisture-buildup-AmericanMetalRoofs WI

Proper Roof Ventilation for a Healthy Wisconsin Home

Good Roof Ventilation Prevents Mold In New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, many homes were condemned not because of damage caused by wind but by rising and receding water that left deadly black mold in its wake. Here in Wisconsin, storms rage, and we have our share of damp weather and water, threatening the safety of our … Read more


Metal Roofs and Attic Ventilation: Let Your Home Breathe

Proper attic ventilation is critical to a healthy and efficient home. Attic ventilation plays a large role in reducing your summer air conditioning costs by venting heat out of the attic. It also vents out the moisture which migrates from inside the home to the attic. In winter, good ventilation helps to avoid ice dams … Read more