Is a New Metal Roof for an Old House Right for You?

Is a New Metal Roof for an Old House Right for You?

The short answer is “yes” to a new metal roof for your old house. Let’s look at some attributes of metal roofing that lend themselves to older homes:

Beauty. It’s interesting to see how a metal roof can add beauty to any older home, so we invite you to take a look at a just one old house, and the difference metal roofing options can make.

In the June 2018 issue of This Old House Magazine, our Classic Metal Roofing Systems were part of an architect’s solution to the challenges of updating a 1927 cottage in New England.

Low Weight.  Foundations can deteriorate and crumble, and structural lumber can lose strength and resiliency. Many times, older homes have been beleaguered by multiple layers of heavy roofing including possibly wood shingles, slate, or asbestos. Metal roofing is a great way to “take the weight off”. Whereas traditional roof shingles weigh from 2.75 – 4.25 pounds per square foot, a metal roof will weigh from a half-pound to around a pound per square foot depending upon the product. This low weight helps to preserve the life of a home’s foundation and structural lumber. It also offers less cave-in threat in the event of seismic activity or an interior fire.

Sustainability. Metal roofing is durable; it can protect and beautify for your home for many years to come, even a lifetime. durability. Additionally, our metal roofs have high recycled content:  – up to 99% for aluminum and 35% for copper and steel, most of which is post-consumer. Plus, at the end of a metal roof’s useful life, it is 100% recyclable.  Our metal roofing is very much the “green” choice.

Energy Efficiency. A common struggle with older homes is trying to make them more energy-efficient. It can be a challenge – old windows and doors can be drafty and the walls and ceilings can be difficult to insulate. An energy-efficient metal roof, designed to reflect the sun’s radiant heat and keep the home naturally cooler in hot weather, can be a great way to reduce summer air conditioning costs or to simply make the home more comfortable in the summer if it is not air-conditioned. With the right metal roof, your roofing decision can be one of your most energy-efficient decisions for an older home.

Ventilation. As an older home is remodeled, things are usually done to make it more airtight. Windows and doors are replaced. New sidewall coverings are installed, usually with air barriers. Additionally, many times the areas of the home where moisture is generated (laundry, kitchen, and baths) are not well exhausted. The end result is that the moisture we create while living inside our homes can no longer leave and it migrates into the attic. Once in the attic, moisture makes insulation less effective and it can also condense on cool surfaces such as nail tips and the underside of the roof deck. As an answer, metal roofs can often be easily vented, letting that moisture out before it condenses and causes problems. A well-vented attic is also often the best answer to problems like winter ice dams and summer heat gain.

Dependable Protection. Anyone who has an old house knows that a key is the preservation of the home. Sometimes even the slightest intrusion of water or wind or other things can set off a chain of events that results in significant damage to the home. The long-term dependability of metal roofing, complete with detailed flashings and other parts to ensure a watertight roof system, is a great way to preserve the rest of your home by protecting it from the weather.

A Metal Roof Has You Covered

Whether you have an old house or just love old houses … or even if you’re a “new house” person that would not even consider an older home, metal roofing has you covered. At American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin, we are revolutionizing residential roofing for Northern WI and the UP… one beautiful old (or new) home at a time. Please contact us whenever we can help with your projects.

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