Why Should You Choose Metal for Your Next Roof Replacement?

Why Should You Choose Metal for Your Next Roof Replacement?

When it’s time for roof replacement, you can upgrade your home with products of lasting value. While other roofing materials, especially asphalt, quickly diminish in value, an American Metal Roof provides lasting benefits. 

Benefits of the Right Metal Roof for Your Home

Lasting Beauty. Our metal roofs come in various beautiful styles and colors that can complement any home. Explore our galleries to see how our roof replacements have enhanced the visual appeal of homes in northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s UP. 

Lasting Durability. Our roofs prevent snow and ice damming and all of the negative consequences they bring to the inside of your home. They support the right ventilation and water management systems to keep the inside of your home comfortable and healthy.

 Lasting Warranties.  Traditional asphalt roofing shingles begin to fail early and often. Though the warranty may say “20 to 25 years,” you will notice streaking, curling, and more, with many being replaced in as little as 12 years. Our manufacturer’s lifetime product and labor warranties ensure your new metal roof will last. 

Our straightforward product and installation warranties give you peace of mind and a roof that will last.  

Additional Benefits from an American Metal Roof Replacement

  • Increased curb appeal and low maintenance.
  • Your home’s HVAC systems run more efficiently for energy savings.
  • Wind, fire and hail resistance are built into your new metal roof.
  • Your new American Metal Roof pays you back over time.

Investing in an American Metal Roof is a smart decision. Learn how we beat the competition, guaranteed!

We’re here to help you find the right, permanent roofing solution for northern Wisconsin home or property in the UP.  

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